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RD Center

Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceuticals, once upon a time a laboratuary founded in 1923, Üsküdar İhsaniye with 8 employees, now Gensenta as part of a world leader in biotechnology: Amgen, has been serving patients with its 850 expert employees, high knowledge, advanced technology and modern facilities in the domestic and foreign markets as Turkey's leading producer of finished drugs and pharmaceutical raw materials.

With the awareness of the importance of developing a corporate R&D culture and strategy in order to reach its goals, Gensenta has made the necessary investments in order to carry out more effective and efficient R&D studies. Gensenta continues its R&D activities by increasing the employment of R&D personnel who are experts in their fields, equipped with knowledge and experience, and are in continuous development, under the roof of the R&D Center.

Accordingly, R&D Units (Product Development and Analytical Development) were structured within the scope of the R&D Center at the Gensenta finished product facilities, and an application was made to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Following the audit process, on 19 July 2012, the Gensenta R&D Center was approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Thus, Gensenta had the right to benefit from various exemptions(R&D Discount, Income Tax Withholding Incentive, Insurance Premium Support, Stamp Tax Exemption) under Law No. 5746. It is the fifth company amongst active pharmaceutical manufacturers in Turkey which have earned R&D center identity

Gensenta Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the five companies which have received approval by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology to establish an R&D center in Turkey.

In the R&D Center consisting of analytical development laboratories, offices, product development laboratory and pilot production areas; Pharmacists, chemists, chemistry engineers, technicians and technicians, including

  • 2 PhDs,
  • 15 graduate students,
  • 33 undergraduate education levels, work on a full-time basis.

At Yenibosna Finished Product Facilities, Gensenta R&D Center (835 m2) consists of analytical development laboratories and offices, product development (formulation design) laboratory and offices, and pilot production areas. In the fields of R&D Center established with an investment of over 5 million dollars, over the past year, more than 12 million TL has been spent on R&D projects.

With the approval of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology; performance evaluation, human resources management, and education policies have been registered in which R&D projects are produced, selected, managed and evaluated in a healthy manner. Competence of laboratory equipment and other technological assets, competence of employees, with mechanisms to encourage the formation of new ideas, and national & international collaborations, have been registered. With all these competencies, studies for producing technological information, developing new products, increasing efficiency, and commercializing technological information are continuing within the R&D Center.

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