Amgen Responsibility Projects

Thanks to the foundation's projects, we reach hundreds of teachers and thousands of students to contribute to the training of the scientists

Amgen Foundation:

  • The Amgen Foundation aims to advance excellence in science education and invest in strengthening the communities where Amgen employees live and work to inspire new generation innovators.
  • Founded in 1991, it was founded with the goal of increasing the love of science for future generations and contributing to science education.
  • The foundation has donated $ 300 million to non-profit, non-profit organizations on a local, regional and international scale. The Amgen Foundation continues to support projects and institutions that inspire tomorrow's scientists to instill the curiosity of scientific research and enthusiasm for experimenting.
  • Amgen and Amgen Foundation has focused on inspiring new generation innovators by financing evidence-based scientific education programs at all levels from regional high schools to the world's leading educational institutions. Over the years, thanks to the Amgen Foundation, more than 9000 teachers have been supported with professional development opportunities, more than 7 million students have gained practical experience in science and contributed more than $ 175 million in the development of science worldwide.
  • Amgen Foundation cooperates with organizations such as Khan Academy in order to increase excellence in science education. These collaborations help us accomplish our mission using the power of technology to help students around the world experience the excitement of science and expand their critical thinking boundaries. It is also planned to examine the synergy between Khan Academy's LabXChange and Amgen Biotech Experience projects and how to integrate it more directly.

Amgen Teach : Hand-In-Hand for Science

  • Amgen is making great efforts to develop scientific education in our country as well as in the world.
  • Amgen Foundation, which is the main framework of Amgen's corporate social responsibility projects, started Amgen Teach in 2014 in Turkey in order to develop science and educate future scientists especially in countries with the need and progress in science.
  • The aim of the project, which is carried out in coordination with the European Schoolnet worldwide, is to educate educators and make children love science and raise individuals who research, question, and draw conclusions. With the trainings given to science teachers at primary and secondary education levels, teachers are firstly able to understand, love, and question science.
  • In this context, more than 400 teachers and nearly 60 thousand students were reached through collaborations such as Turkey Development Workshop , KOÇ Schools and ODTÜ BİLTEMM
  • The trainings organized in September every year and distance education activities, visits to schools, telephone, video conferences throughout the year provide continuous support to teachers participating in the program.
  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the trainings for 2020 were held online with around 60 participants between 27 May and 1 June.

Amgen Teach is planned to evolve in the upcoming period to become a more featured project, specializing in biotechnology, called Amgen Biotechnology Experience (ABE). Amgen, one of the companies that know and use biotechnology well in the world, aims to contribute to Turkey's 2023 vision, by taking the focus to this area.