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MN Pharmaceuticals has “ Respect to Humans” Award

MN Pharmaceuticals is the owner of the traditional “Respect to Humans Award” given for the last 12 years by the most prefered human resources platform “”. The awards ceremony was held in the scope of the HR Summit on February 13, 2013 in Lutfi Kirdar Congress Center.

“ Respect to Humans Award” organized for the 12. time this year to emphasize the special studies in human resources field and to share them with the public was given to companies that respond to job applications fastest and at a higher rate as well as to those who receive the most applications and who create more job opportunities.

“ 12. respect to Humans Award” was given to 153 companies, including MN Pharmaceuticals, from different fields; a total of 38.000 member companies in Turkey was evaluated.

Only 6 of these companies are pharmaceutical companies.

Pencereyi Kapat