Mustafa Nevzat Ýlaç Sanayii A.Þ.

Mustafa Nevzat was awarded with ISO Environment Friendly Practices

MN Pharmaceuticals, who is the owner of ISO14001 Environment Management System in production site documents since 2007 and who has invested over 5 million US dollars in studies in this field, was awarded with first prize in Environment Friendly Practices category in the 13. Environment Awards Ceremony in which the company was a finalist in two categories.

ISO (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce) Environment Awards were given in the 13. ceremony which was held this year. In the ceremony which was held in Akatlar ISOV Meslek Lisesi on Thursday, January 31 with the participation of Erdoðan Bayraktar, Ministry of Environment and Municipality, MN Pharmaceuticals was awarded with first prize in ISO Large Scale Company, Environment Friendly Practices category with its ‘pharmaceutical production projects by environment-friendly MN methods’ including human and environment-sensitive oncolytics production.

By this method, MN Pharmaceuticals protects the health of its workers during production and decreases the environmental-hazardous waste materials and thus, prevents the environmental effect during hazardous waste material disposal.

In the ceremony where 45 finalists for awards and practices for the year of 2011 were included, MN Pharmaceuticals was a finalist in two categories and I.M. Iskender Pisak, vice president of the Board of Directors in 2011, received the award from Erdogan Bayraktar, Minister of Environment and Municipality, Tanýl Kucuk, President of ISO and Fikret Tanrýverdi, vice-president of ISO.

Success of the environment-friendly production model

MN Pharmaceuticals continues to perform all its activities focused on protection of the environment. The company has started to use renewable energy in the field of electricity by the end of 2011. MN Pharmaceuticals which also supports consumption of recycled-energy has ISO14001 Environment Management System documents.

Pencereyi Kapat