Gensenta Pharmaceuticals started its commercial activities in international markets by making its first export to Algeria in 1998. Gensenta, which has determined a leading role in the sector within the framework of the principle of improving the quality of life of patients and its goals of sustainable growth, succeeded in becoming a Turkish pharmaceutical company that received FDA approval from the USA, and became the first company to export to the USA in the form of finished products in 2007. Subsequently, Gensenta, which exported oncolytic products to the USA in 2010, proved its maturity in this field as the export champion of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry in 2014 and 2015.

Gensenta in the World

The map (only in the continents of sale - Europe, Asia, Africa, South America) will be shown: As of 2022, Gensenta Pharmaceuticals exports to 22 countries in 4 different continents. Gensenta, which strengthens its presence in the world arena with its international business partners, has more than 100 licenses in both developed and developing countries.

Working Models

Gensenta offers different business models in line with its goal of providing fast and flexible services to all its customers in line with the changing market dynamics and needs.

  • Sales & Distribution collaborations
  • License Sales &Supply collaborations
  • Joint Product Development
  • API Sales
  • Contract Manufacturing

For contact: info@gensenta.com.tr