R&D Activities

R&D Activities

Gensenta R&D Center activities are Pharmaceutical development studies, analytical method development and validation studies, patent evaluation processes, scaling studies, pilot mass production, stability monitoring, planning/following up clinical studies and meeting their requirements, continuous improvement activities (feedback R&D), are carried out in accordance with the International Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) rules determined by the World Health Organization within the framework of international regulations and guidelines.

Gensenta R&D Center, with its human drug research and development activities, always aims to put it into the service of human health by developing effective, safe, innovative and economical products that will enable patients to lead a healthier and higher quality life, primarily in our country and all over the world, and in this context, it works continues.

Gensenta Pharmaceuticals has implemented many R&D projects since its establishment in order to offer quality, reliable and cost-effective products to the people of our country and the world so that they can lead a healthier life. Among these projects, ongoing and completed projects with the cooperation of Tübitak and Industry University have also taken place. Collaborations we have experienced in the current situation;

  • “1501 Industrial R&D Projects Support Program”
  • “2244 Industry Doctorate Program”
  • “1707 Order Based R&D Project”
  • “1004 Center of Excellence Support Program”

Gensenta R&D Center aims to take an active role in international projects to be realized through EU member countries and Tübitak in the future.