R&D Center

R&D Center

Gensenta Pharmaceuticals continues its domestic and international activities as the leading manufacturer of finished drugs and pharmaceutical raw materials in our country, in its modern facilities equipped with advanced technology and an expert staff of approximately 600 people.

Gensenta aims to create an effective, rational and productive R&D culture, being aware of the strategic importance of R&D activities in order to achieve its sustainability goals. The R&D Department at the Yenibosna Facility was acquired as part of the R&D Center on 19 July 2012, and the "T.C. It has been entitled to become an R&D Center under the umbrella of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

Gensenta R&D Center benefits from rights such as “R&D Discount, Income Tax Withholding Incentive, Insurance Premium Support, Stamp Duty Exemption” within the framework of Law No. 5746. Gensenta R&D Center is the fifth R&D Center operating in the field of pharmaceuticals in our country and continues its R&D activities with our teams who are experts in their fields and closely follow the current developments in the field.

Gensenta R&D Center; It consists of four units: Pharmaceutical Development, Analytical Development, CMC and R&D Operations. The education distribution of 16 employees working at Gensenta R&D Center consists of pharmacists, chemical engineers, chemists and technicians with 1 doctorate, 5 master's, 7 undergraduate and 3 associate degrees, respectively.

Gensenta R&D Center is located in Yenibosna Finished Product Facilities in a 605 m2 area with analysis laboratories and offices, a pre-formulation laboratory and commercial productions with GMP certificate at the beginning of 2022, as well as a 200 m2 area where the R&D Department carries out pilot productions. consists of the production area. In the last activity year, more than 9 million TL was spent on R&D development projects.

Gensenta R&D Center has a production equipment track where scaling studies can be carried out, especially from laboratory-sized production of solid dosage forms to pilot-sized production. Each production device in the laboratory area is equipped with portable separators (separators) to prevent contamination. With this feature, it is technically a suitable area for the study of hormone and oncology products.

Gensenta R&D Center has a suitable equipment park for the production of sterile dosage forms in laboratory size. Due to the nature of sterile products, scale-up studies and pilot productions are carried out in the relevant production areas.

All analyzes of the developed products are carried out with validated methods in Gensenta R&D Center Laboratories. Apart from these, together with different collaborations such as co-development and contract manufacturing, it develops dosage forms that will appeal to all therapeutic areas according to need and demand, and continues its production activities.

One of the most important goals of the Gensenta R&D Center is to develop products with high added value by providing the products produced in our country at all stages from raw materials to finished products, in coordination with Şekerpınar Active Ingredient Production Facilities, to the domestic and foreign markets.